Together we can pave the way

Our Mission

London GreenCity is an accelerator of post-startup clean technology entrepreneurs focused on a broad range of climate technologies addressing the causes and impact of climate change.

Data on accelerators indicate participants have a higher success rate in bringing their technology to market successfully than those that have not.

London GreenCity will offer a dynamic, physical, collaborative environment for Seed- to Series B-stage ventures, providing the facilities and tools important for the development of their product offerings.

Community Team Leaders

John Kermath


Mr. Kermath has spent over 25 years in fund management, investment banking, and venture advisory, working closely in the latter capacity with emerging technology companies in a variety of sectors. He serves on the advisory boards of Ecosphere Ventures, a pre-seed venture fund focused on sustainable and clean energy technologies, and a London-based investment banking firm. He is also a director of Epochal Technologies, a data science firm, and advises early-stage companies in the Fusion Industry Association and Greentown Labs, an accelerator in Cambridge, MA.

He was previously President, Chief Financial and Board member of MetOx Technologies, a venture-stage firm establishing production of high-temperature superconductors for applications in commercial fusion and energy transmission. Prior to that, he was recruited to restructure a multi-billion hedge fund after which he became President and subsequently CEO of the fund. Post-restructure he managed over $1 billion in residual venture and private equity investments in the portfolio. He is a past President and Board member of the Houston Venture Capital Association (now Houston Private Equity Association) and has served on multiple venture and non-for- profit boards.

Mr. Kermath began his career at Citibank and Deutsche Bank and previously served in the U.S. Army. He is a graduate of Princeton University with a degree in Economics.

Bradway Widing


Bradway has dedicated 9 years of his career to Greentown Labs in Boston, where he has provided mentorship to members striving for growth. Additionally, he boasts over three decades of experience in managing significant clean energy relationships. His expertise lies in mitigating balance sheet risks by overseeing the implementation of performance and efficacy reinsurance solutions. This strategic approach has effectively safeguarded investor’s debt. Bradway has cultivated a strong partnership with Lloyd’s of London and the global clean energy insurance community over the course of 25 years.

In his personal life, Bradway finds joy in his passion for family, friends, and various hobbies. He is an avid enthusiast of squash and golf, finding solace and challenge in these sports. Furthermore, his love for dogs and painting adds depth to his character, showcasing a well-rounded individual with diverse interests. Bradway’s commitment to both his professional endeavors and personal pursuits exemplifies a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Overall, Bradway’s extensive experience and dedication to the clean energy sector are commendable. His ability to navigate complex insurance solutions and foster growth within Greentown Labs reflects his expertise and commitment to the industry. Moreover, his diverse interests outside of work underscore a well-rounded personality, making him a respected figure both in his professional and personal spheres.

Laith Anezi


Laith, a entrepreneur and visionary, possesses a wealth of knowledge with over 15 years in venture capital and start-up support. His strategic acumen is evident through his leadership role at a FTSE 100 company and advisory positions in government departments, showcasing his deep expertise in the business sector.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Laith demonstrates a profound grasp of the entrepreneurial landscape, particularly in venture capital and start-up guidance. His leadership roles in prominent companies highlight his exceptional skills in driving business success and strategic decision-making.

Laith’s outstanding reputation is a testament to his unwavering commitment and proficiency in venture capital and start-up mentorship. His significant contributions have solidified his position as a respected and influential figure in the business community.

Kevin M. Finch

Director of Leadership & Coaching

Kevin Finch has over 35 years’ experience as CEO/COO/Chairman/Board /Corporate Finance executive in a variety of sectors, including banking, capital management, healthcare, financial litigation, electronics, technology and hospitality.

His global finance career includes: 2 years with American Express Bank in the Middle East; 5 years with Shearson Lehman Brothers in New York; 6 years with investment bank Robinson Humphrey Inc. in Atlanta; and 6 years with BlueCrest Capital Management Ltd. based in Geneva and London.

Additionally, Mr. Finch founded Court Cavendish PLC, a healthcare investment fund, in London and headed their largest care home investment as COO before leading its IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

From 2017 to 2019, Mr. Finch managed, as CEO, a financial litigation law firm running complex LIBOR-related cases.

His most recent operating position was as CEO of Philex Ltd, a Hong Kong-headquartered consumer electronics enterprise, where he led a turnaround and restructuring of its worldwide activities.

Since 2022 Mr. Finch has been Managing Partner of Lenox Capital Management (UK) Ltd., a Miami based investment and advisory firm specialising in the provision of capital-raising advice to early-stage technology businesses.

Nick Edwards

Manager of Digital Marketing

Nick is a seasoned, creative member of the team with extensive experience in graphic design, visual communication, and branding. In his work, both in the U.K. and abroad, he has honed his skills across various roles in publishing and content marketing, including freelance projects with agencies and nonprofits. More recently, his partnership with clients in the finance and private equity industry, in particular, has provided him with valuable insights, often related to stakeholder communications and capital-raising initiatives.

Nick drives London GreenCity’s design-led initiatives, ensuring that projects are executed seamlessly, creatively, to the highest production standards, and – crucially – on time. His ability to adapt and problem-solve in dynamic environments makes him a valuable asset to the team and the members.

Board of Advisors

Melanie Windridge

Fusion Energy Insights

Dr. Melanie Windridge is a specialist in fusion energy who helps people see the value, opportunities and excitement of fusion.

Melanie is the founder and CEO of Fusion Energy Insights, the primary independent information provider for the fusion industry, which keeps people up to date with developments in the growing sector. She has a PhD in plasma physics (fusion energy) from Imperial College London and broad experience of fusion from academia to private fusion developers to wider industry. She sits on the Advisory Boards of the UK Fusion Cluster and US non-profit Energy for the Common Good (as well as this one!). Melanie was previously UK Director of the Fusion Industry Association for 3 years from it’s formation. In 2022 she was elected a Fellow of the Clean Growth Leadership Network. Melanie is the author of Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights and Star Chambers: the race for fusion power, as well as writing for Forbes online.

Melanie is a past Vice President of the Alpine Club (2019/2020) volunteers with the Mount Everest Foundation for events and exhibitions. She loves the mountains (Melanie has climbed Mount Everest) and believes science and exploration go hand in hand.


Mark Barron

Taylor Wessing

Mark is the founding partner of the Taylor Wessing Silicon Valley representative office.

He is also the head of Taylor Wessing’s market-leading inward investment practice, which advises tech, clean tech and energy and life sciences companies on international expansion and M&A.

Mark sits on Taylor Wessing’s executive board as head of clients and innovation.

Mark has been with Taylor Wessing since 1999, and now leads a team which acts for many of North America’s best-known technology and life sciences companies, including approximately a quarter of US-based unicorns. He is a specialist in cross-border and domestic M&A as well as tax-driven restructurings.


Joubin Hatamzadeh

Greentown Labs

Joubin is the COO at Greentown Labs, North America’s largest Climatetech Incubator, where he oversees internal operations, community, and sales departments.

During his tenure at Greentown, Joubin has led his team through growth in campus footprint, quality of service, and revenue. The operational improvements under his leadership resulted in increased member satisfaction and retention.

Beyond climatetech, Joubin’s career spans various industries, including life sciences, consulting services, and manufacturing. His functional experiences encompass operations, general management, business development, people management, and customer service.

Joubin is a culinary enthusiast, music aficionado, and furniture craftsman, reflecting his dynamic approach to both professional and personal pursuits.


Rupert Cutler


Rupert is an experienced Risk Consultant and Insurance Broker.

Rupert has been working with clients on international business for over 30 years, particularly across the African continent. He is a regular speaker on the conference circuit, advising on the practicalities of risk identification and management.

Rupert has a number of risk transfer specialisms including agricultural and energy commodities, Non-Governmental Organizations, trade and project finance, asset finance, construction and contractors and helping new technology to secure financing and insurance around the world.

Rupert is an FCA approved Authorized Representative of Bellwood Prestbury an independent Lloyds Broker specializing in high-risk insurance. He holds an LLB Hons from University College Cardiff, is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute and is a Chartered Insurance Broker. Rupert is also deployed as an expert witness, helping clients to challenge denied international insurance claims in court.


Sidney McLaurin

Fleet Robotics

Sidney McLaurin is the CEO of Fleet Robotics. Sidney and his co-founders started Fleet as a simple, automated mobile robot platform to help industrial companies proactively maintain large industrial structures. Starting with the maritime industry, their collaborative robots live permanently on commercial ships and help simplify inspection, maintenance, and cargo operations. The robots are best known for their novel walking ability on vertical surfaces in harsh conditions — even underwater while the ship is in motion.

Sidney incubated the concept for Fleet while he was a Partner at Material Impact, a Boston-based venture fund. Prior to the fund, he worked at Lime where he joined as its first GM in 2017 and helped scale the company from a single market to the global presence it is today.

McLaurin credits his interest in climate to growing up around the outdoors in Mississippi. He is a mentor and advisor for a variety of folks within the climate startup ecosystem, including the formation of a new start-up incubator in London.

Sidney is an engineer by training — he started his career at Siemens in Industrial Automation and holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Florida. He transitioned into climate entrepreneurship with a MBA and an Environmental Management degree from Duke University.


Rebecca Leonardi

Wx Risk Global LLC

Rebecca Leonardi is a Partner at Wx Risk Global.

Wx Risk Global is a weather risk management and derivatives team dedicated to assisting clients in financially mitigating the effects of adverse weather. As Principle of Wx Risk Global, Rebecca is responsible for managing the business relationship between the corporate client base, the OTC derivative counterparties, and their various finance-related business partners. She plays a key role in the acquisition of new clients and large corporate relations. She was also essential in the formation of a successful weather derivative fund that she and her partners operated for eight years.

Rebecca has years of experience in entrepreneurial partnerships over multiple businesses as well as various board positions within non-profit foundations. Her main focus is waste to green energy. She is involved in several projects that work to achieve both humanitarian and energy-related climate goals.


Adrian Sender


Adrian Sender is a Senior Specialist in Project Finance (Corporate Finance and Controls) at QatarEnergy where he is the finance (project) lead on select investment and divestment projects within Qatar and internationally.

Adrian has over 20 years of experience in corporate and structured finance. He is a recognized and respected commercial business contributor throughout MENA.

He has structured, arranged and lent over USD 10bn in the Europe, Middle East and Africa and raised significant capital both in the form of private and public placements.

Adrian was the founder of Sender International in 2016, a boutique consulting service that provided bespoke advisory services to select clients and made direct investments both on a principal basis and on behalf of select friends & family clients.

He was previously a Partner at Shard Capital, Head of Corporate Finance at Doha Bank and Samba (now SNB) and Director & CAO at Lehman Brothers and an analyst at CSFB (now UBS).

He has a BSc in Economics from Bristol University.


Bart LeFevre

INpower Global Insurance Services

Bart is a over-30-year veteran of the Energy industry focused on risk consultation/risk brokerage insurance services.

His oil and gas risk experience spans a unique and broad spectrum of energy insurance, including underwriting, wholesale/MGA and company leadership in the retail brokerage market in Texas and California.

Bart has a B.B.A. in Finance with an emphasis on Insurance from Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, TX. He is the proud father of two grown sons, Taylor and Joshua.


London Leo


Introducing London Leo, the lovable and mischievous Golden Retriever who is now the official Mascot of London GreenCity!

With his fluffy fur and wagging tail, Leo is always eager to hang out with all the clean tech members at our accelerator.

But watch out – Leo’s curiosity often leads him into trouble, and if there’s food left unguarded, you can bet he’ll snag it in a heartbeat!

Despite his cheeky antics, Leo is adored by all and adds a touch of fun and energy to our team. Give him a pat on the head and a treat, and you’ll have a friend for life in London Leo!