Corporate Partnerships

At London GreenCity, we believe corporate partners can play a crucial role in the development and success of an early-stage venture. We assist members in developing such partnerships where applicable. The involvement of corporate partners goes beyond just financial support and can have various strategic, operational, and growth-oriented implications. Corporate partners often bring industry-specific knowledge and experience, helping the early-stage venture navigate challenges and make informed decisions. They can also offer access to the corporate partner’s existing infrastructure, such as manufacturing facilities, distribution networks, or research and development capabilities, which can significantly accelerate the venture’s growth. In addition, they may collaborate with ventures in joint research and development initiatives to accelerate product development and provide technology validation and credibility. Finally, corporate partners may provide access to established distribution channels, helping an early-stage venture reach a broader audience and accelerate market penetration.

Investor Engagement

London GreenCity has an extensive network of investor contacts and potential financing parties, to include relationships with family offices, venture capital funds, sovereign wealth funds, government agencies, banks and other financial institutions. Our objective is to assist our members in targeting the right investors as well as in their preparation for engagement with them.

We believe active interaction with the right investors has multiple benefits. It is not just about securing funding; it is about leveraging the expertise, networks, and support that investors bring to the table. For early-stage ventures, the right investors can be instrumental in overcoming challenges, making informed decisions, and achieving long-term success. Seasoned investors often have extensive industry knowledge and experience, as well as extensive networks that include other entrepreneurs, industry experts, potential partners, and customers. Gaining access to these networks can open doors to valuable business connections, partnerships, and collaboration opportunities. Also, securing investment from reputable investors can enhance a startup’s credibility and validate its business model and potential. The endorsement of established investors can serve as a signal to other potential investors, customers, and partners that the venture has promise and is worth considering. Finally engaging with investors can help early-stage ventures mitigate risks by tapping into the investor’s experience in identifying challenges and potential pitfalls.


London GreenCity’s mentorship program provides guidance and support to London GreenCity’s entrepreneurs and post-startup members working in the field of clean energy. The mentors involved in such programs are seasoned professionals and experts in the clean energy sector who offer their knowledge, experience, and advice to help accelerate the growth and success of the participating London GreenCity members. These mentors assist entrepreneurs in various aspects of their business, including technology development, market strategy, fundraising, and networking. The goals of the program are to increase the survivability of members and to foster innovation and accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions to address the challenges of climate change.

Community Access

London GreenCity is a member community committed to climate change. We are a group of concerned individuals dedicated to addressing the challenges posed by climate change and actively working towards mitigating its effects. Our London GreenCity community consist of people from diverse backgrounds and interests’, such as environmentalists, scientists, policymakers, investors, lawyers, bankers, educators, and concerned citizens. We come together at London GreenCity to raise awareness about climate change, advocate for sustainable practices, and collaborate on initiatives that promote renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve resources, and protect the environment.